Software Development

Software development is one of our core competences.
We provide services for the following platforms:

  • macOS, iOS, tvOS (Objective-C, Swift, C/C++)
  • Windows (.NET, Java)
  • Android (Java)
  • Linux/Unix (Java)
  • All of the above platforms using Mono (C#)

Web Development & Design

Web development & design is our second core competence.
We provide services using these technologies:

  • CSS/CSS3
  • JavaScript, jQuery

Game Development

We also provide game development services and have experience with several game engines and technologies. These include:

  • OpenGL, OpenGL ES (macOS, iOS, tvOS, Windows, Android)
  • SpriteKit (macOS, iOS, tvOS)
  • MonoGame (macOS, iOS, tvOS, Windows, Android)
  • Cocos2D (macOS, iOS, tvOS)
  • Monkey (macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, HTML5, Flash)

Layout & Design

Although not our core business, in some cases (often in combination with web design) we also do:

  • Corporate-, Logo-, Business card- design
  • Layout for Flyers, CD/DVD Covers, Magazines, Banners, etc.