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About Lemon Mojo

Lemon Mojo

Lemon Mojo provides a broad range of services in the software, design, web & mobile industries.
We also release products in these fields by ourselves.

History & Location

Lemon Mojo was established in January 2011 as an IT services agency. We have several years of experience in the software/web development and design industries so this is our core competence. In the last few years we expanded our competences to include mobile software development/design and game development. For further information regarding the services and products we provide, go to services or work.

While based in Vienna, Austria, we provide our services and sell our products on an international basis.
Our headquarter is located in the 15. district of Vienna. For further information go to contact.


At Lemon Mojo we have a passion for nice & clean design and we remain true to that passion in every way.
Whether we are working on a new website, a user interface, a mobile app or class/framework design for a large software project, we always try to keep it nice & clean.

We are not the kind of company that takes the logo and content from your existing site, puts it in some kind of CMS (Content Management System) with a pre-designed template and charges you an exorbitant amount of money for that. Instead, we always work closely with our clients and take the time it needs to ensure that we create a rich and unique experience.